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AN ONLINE space. Let's get digital. 

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I'm an Educator, a globetrotter, a passionate Online Marketer, Crazy Mama who Loves Jesus, and your BFF when it comes to the planet web. I would love to help you create your online presence and build to increase influence while traveling, learn how to start an online business and clarify your 3 C's, 3G's purpose with a new mindset.

    I can do All Things Through Christ who Strengthens me.
- Philippians 4:13


I'm excited to meet you!!!

Hey, it's Veia. I help Faith-Based Women Entrepreneurs and coaches with travel to grow their business with action steps and results so that you can build your own impactful, profitable and meaningful business without being frustrated.
After 10+ years of dabbling and learning in the digital world, I've helped women and entrepreneurs get visible online so that they can create an online presence and build 3 of their I's - impact, influence and income. Now is the time to impact women so that you can create your influence and create income.
Women have it made today, but most of them aren’t doing the things they need to do to make an impact and create income.
Online marketing is not a static thing. You need to keep track of the latest changes and adapt your tactics and strategies accordingly.
I’ve developed an efficient process to help you out. It’s time you start. I love working with women entrepreneurs, coaches and authors to create a strategy that not only saves your time, but helps you grow your business so that you can start efficiently without staring at a blank canvas.
Schedule a 30 minute call to help grow you, your online business, get clarity and strategies.


Access My Powerful Program to create your Influence

Helping Modern Entrepreneurs Create Influence, Impact and Income By Building Your Brand, And Clarify Your Life Purpose


Influence, Impact and Income.

Helping Modern Entrepreneurs Create Impactful Online Presence, Create Social Media Influence, And Create Income On Automation


My coaching programs are for the ambitious entrepreneur who are hungry and ready to play all in.

  • Thinking of starting a business or already started a business...and...is ready for more income, impact, and influence

  • Feel excited and ready for a mentor who can see through your skills and show you how it will be to your advantage

  • You are great at what you do. Your clients know it, and you know it. And now it’s time for the world to know!

  • Have done “this and that”, tried different strategies and tactics, invested in courses, coaches, and/or masterminds, and you’ve made progress...but not as much as you’d like

  • Want to learn new strategies, new skills, PLUS the mindset, energy, and self-growth that you know are essential to growing your business


  • Local brick and mortar businesses BUT if you want to follow the trend of shifting to online space, then we can help you.

  • Someone who likes to dabble ( I used to be one but no more!) and doesn't see the value of investing in yourself as a way to grow their knowledge, skills, and sales.

  • Someone who believes they will instantly have a 7 figure business simply because they enrolled. Be Realistic, okay?

In other words, you have one idea or you've built the foundation. But you're stuck and now, you're looking for a coach to help you soar to the next level.

If you’re seriously thinking about coaching with me...

You are someone who is passionate about your dream and to make it big. 

Someone who understands your vision, contribute, have a business and life that others might not even dare to dream about. In short, you want to be unstoppable!

Who can help you get there?

Any way you want to grow your business, I can help you.


Are You Ready To CREATE
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