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I love learning about life, exploring travel and anything digital so I combine them all. I'm an educator, a learner, a globetrotter, a passionate Digital Marketer, Crazy Mama who Loves Jesus, and your BFF when it comes to the planet web. I truly belive in the power of women living their most freedom free life. I am dedicated to empowering passionate women to build distinctive brands that radiate their own uniqueness and authenticity. To find your true purpose, your strengths and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Your brand, business and strategies with clarity I want to help YOU create online presence to build your brand through digital marketing journeys. Become the chance to influence your life and others with your 3 C's and 3G's you already possess. The Key is in your hands! The answers to your questions is right in front of you.

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Travel Passion

Veia has a passion for travel! She has traveled solo, with families and groups internationally to more than 20 countries from Asia to Europe and beyond. She also has cruised internationally.

I believe that traveling is one of the most incredible life experiences that women can benefit from! It is empowering and builds confidence while experiencing amazing cultures, food, and other adventures. Veia wants to bring her love for travel to others and wants to EMPOWER other women to get out there, see it yourself and to experience the world!

Let's go together and explore the world!

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Digital Marketing Journeys

The process of creating, implementing, and monitoring online marketing campaigns to achieve specific the brand you dream of. The social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing all needs strategy. 

As the digital landscape is constantly evolving, you must be adaptable and open to trying new strategies. It's  all about creating meaningful connections with your tribe, building brand awareness, driving leads and sales, and ultimately achieving freedom goals.

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